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CONTAX Aria Body SN: 017033


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Serial number: 017033
Shutter speed: B, 4s-1 / 4000s

・ CONTAX strap


Operation has been confirmed.
Continuous shooting, self-timer and winding are working.
The operation sound when rewinding feels slightly loud.
The shutter speed shift and exposure meter operation have been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.

There are abrasion and thin scratches overall. Ba
The pain due to scratches on the rubber part on the back is a little noticeable.
There is no liquid crystal leak on the liquid crystal part on the upper surface and the display can be confirmed well.
The liquid crystal part has a blue protective film.
The thread by the tripod seat is seen on the bottom.
Deteriorated leather of strap attachment part,
There is a black paint bald on the hot shoe part on the top.
Eyepiece rubber, exposure compensation dial, shutter speed dial
The rubber part is slightly whitish.

Mixing of dust and dust as a whole,
There is coating damage on the eyepiece,
The view when you look into it is clear.
The liquid crystal inside has been confirmed well.

Light Seal:
Deterioration and settling due to aging can be seen.

There are abrasion and thin scratches due to use, but there is no problem with putting on and taking off.

Product status: C / average product