CONTAX Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm F2.8 T* G mount SN. 7873911


Manufacturer: CONTAX
Product name: Carl Zeiss Biogon 28mm F2.8 T * G Mount
Commodity condition: B / good
Serial number: 7873911
Aperture :The aperture is 2.8 to 22 and the aperture blades are six.
Mount: G mount

・ CONTAX front lens cap (GK-54)
・ CONTAX rear lens cap (GK-R2)
・ CONTAX food (GG-1)
・ CONTAX lens pouch (GCL-1)

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
The aperture blades, AF and MF are almost normal.
Infinity, focusing is unknown, but
In the viewfinder, it is operating normally.


There are slight scratches and threads,
It is in a relatively beautiful state.


The abrasion due to use is seen.
Slightly a classic blue rust is slightly seen.


It is clear visually, but if you shine strong light,
You can see fine dust and light cloudiness.

Product ID 20636504