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CONTAX G1 Green ROM SN: 039841


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This is a CONTAX rangefinder camera
It will be "CONTAX G1".
While inheriting CONTAX's idea of ​​"a camera that creates works",
Based on a new concept aimed at ease of use different from SLR
It is a 35mm focus plane shutter AF rangefinder camera.
Aperture priority AE by TTL actual aperture metering, high performance wide lens can be installed, etc.
It has high functionality in a beautiful titanium compact body.
In addition, this product is a product whose ROM has been modified.
G2 lenses can also be used.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The serial number of the body is 039841.
The shutter speed is B-1 / 2000.
There are no accessories.


The operation has been confirmed.
For each operation, dial and buttons
No problem.
Shifting the shutter speed,
Winding and rewinding, self-timer and
Continuous shooting is also working properly.
The accuracy of the light meter is unknown, but it is sensitive to light.

You can see abrasion and scratches due to aging and use.
There is a liquid leak on the film counter.
Display and operation can be checked.

It is almost clear visually
When you hold a strong light,
A thin haze is seen.
The LCD display in the viewfinder can be checked.
Shading material:
There is aging.

You can see abrasion and scratches associated with use
No scratches or hits that interfere with normal use are found.

Product status: C / average product