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CONTAX G1 ROM SN: 102273


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Manufacturer: CONTAX
Product name: G1 ROM modified
Product status: C / average product
Serial: 102273
Shutter speed / aperture X, B, 1s-1 / 2000s

Accessories: Body cap

TLA140: 821170 (light emission OK / with case)

Operation details:
AF / MF, continuous shooting, self-timer, and rewinding are working.
Buttons and dials can be operated smoothly.
The accuracy of infinity and focusing is unknown for both AF / MF,
There is no problem with checking on the viewfinder.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed has changed.

There are marks, scratches, and rust.
There is no liquid leakage in the liquid crystal.
There are optical wiping scratches, dust and dirt contamination, and cloudiness.
It is almost clear when you look into it, and the liquid crystal inside is good.

Shading material:
You can see the settling due to aging.

Product ID 20667187