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CONTAX G2 Body SN: 023894


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Manufacturer: CONTAX
Product name: G2
Product status: C / average product
Serial: 023894
Shutter speed / aperture Shutter speed: X, B, 4s-1 / 4000s

Accessories -

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
Shutter, self-timer, continuous shooting, winding / rewinding are working.
The operation of each button and dial is smooth.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed has changed, but the accuracy is unknown.
We have confirmed the operation of the light meter according to the amount of light, but the accuracy is unknown.
The liquid crystal display on the body is good.

There are some scratches and scratches due to use.
You can see a small marks on the bottom near the battery cover, the corner near the shooting mode dial, and the shutter speed dial.

Optical viewfinder:
You can see fine dust mixed in.
Slight coating damage is seen over the entire eyepiece
The visibility of both the bright frame and the internal liquid crystal is good.

Light Seals: You can see the settling due to aging.

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