This was released in 1990 and is still very popular on SNS such as Instagram.
High-end compact camera "CONTAX T2".
Using a profound and sophisticated design made of titanium and artificial sapphire unique to Kyocera
A body full of special attention such as shutter buttons and ceramic film pressure plates
A lens with outstanding descriptive power called "Carl Zeiss Sonnar 38mm F2.8 T *"
It is a compact camera that can take serious photos.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

Serial number: 129523
Aperture: 2.8-16
Number of feathers: 7
・ Soft case (damaged)
・ Makeup box
-Original box (serial number match)
·instruction manual
・ Two kinds of straps


Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter response is good,
The accuracy of the exposure is unknown, but it reacts to the brightness.
AF, MF, and self-timer also work.
The flash is ready to fire.
You can see fine scratches due to aging.
There is a dent on the bottom.
Some rust can be seen on the screws.
There are fine wiping scratches and a slight cloudiness.
Shading material:
Aged aging can be seen.
There is a slight cloudiness in the dust and dust.
There is no mold.

Product status: C / average