This is Kyocera's high-end compact camera “CONTAX T2 Limited Black”.
In 1998 after the end of sales of CONTAX T2 released in 1990
It will be a model sold for 2000 units only.
Unlike the previous titanium black, it is painted deep and heavy "black paint"
It has become an even more tightened and daring face.

Combining a compact body and Carl Zeiss lenses,
Furthermore, with AF, you can never miss a photo opportunity "anytime" "anywhere"
It is an ideal camera that combines high quality with ease.
This "T2" that appeared after the first "T"
“Compact” and “High performance” were further refined,
The relationship between the lens and the body
The model will be more complete than the original.

Body is titanium exterior, release button is artificial polycrystalline sapphire,
Since the finder cover glass is also sapphire glass,
Since the film pressure plate is also made of ceramic, it is resistant to discoloration, corrosion, and deformation.
The form born as a result of seeking "all the best"
It can be said that it is a model suitable for calling it a “compact camera”.

The serial number of the body is 222598.
The shutter speed is auto. The aperture is 2.8 to 16, and the number of blades is 7.
The accessories are as follows.
・ CONTAX strap


The operation has been confirmed.
Although the accuracy of the shutter is unknown, it is operating.
Winding / rewinding and self-timer are also working.
Various buttons and dials are operating.
In the viewfinder, you can check the display that responds to the operation.
The upper LCD display is also displayed with no liquid leakage or missing characters.
There are threads and small scratches associated with use.
There are threads and small scratches on the bottom, and some degradation is seen on the screws.
It is relatively clean visually.
If you hold a strong light, you can see some dust.
The indications in the viewfinder are displayed in response to movement and light.
Shading material
Deterioration is seen.
Although there are no scratches, etc.
If you hold a strong light, you can see some dust and spiders.

Product status: C / average