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CONTAX T2D SN: 208890


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This model comes with a data back. 
The original cover is included.
The serial number of the body is 208890.
The shutter speed is from 1 to 1/500.
The lens is Carl Zeiss Sonar 38mm F2.8.
The accessories are as follows.
・Instruction manual (there are stains)
・Back lid
・Hard case

The operation has been confirmed.
Focus dial, flash, hoist rewind,
The self-timer and exposure compensation are working properly.
DATA BACK is only confirmation that electricity is turned on and displayed.
Although there are small scratches and dirt over time,
It looks beautiful overall.
The liquid crystal will be displayed normally without leakage.

There is no problem with visibility.
There is no problem with the display in the viewfinder.
Shading material
There is no particular problem.

A small amount of dust is seen, but not many.
It doesn't seem to affect the shooting so much.
There is no mold.

Product condition: B/good product