CONTAX T3 Titan Black Early Model SN: 048672


Manufacturer: CONTAX
Product Name: T3 Titanium Black Early Model / Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2.8 T*
Commodity condition: C / average item
Serial 048672

Finder: There is a slight cloudiness, but visibility is maintained.
The internal display is good.

The lens is clear when viewed visually, but when exposed to strong light, you can also see small dust particles and faint haze.

Aperture 2.8-16

・Strap (CONTAX)
・Body case (CONTAX)
・Instruction manual
・Outer box (serial number match)

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
AF/MF, shutter, self-timer, flash, winding and rewinding are operating normally. The lens can be extended and the buttons and dials can be operated.
The accuracy of infinity and focusing is unknown, but there is no problem with checking on the viewfinder.
The operation of the light meter has been confirmed.

You can see fine threads due to usage and aging.
There are several spots on the front.

Light Seals:
It is possible to see some deterioration due to age.

Product ID 20649103