Manufacturer: CONTAX
Product Name: T3D Previous term / Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2.8 T*
Commodity condition: B/ non-defective item
Serial: 017356

The viewfinder is visually clear,
When exposed to strong light, a small amount of dust mixed in,
You can see a little haze.
There is no mold, and the internal display is good.

The lens is clear when viewed visually, but when exposed to strong light,
You can also see a slight amount of dust mixed in and a little haze.
There is no mold.

Aperture Aperture: 2.8-16

・Strap (CONTAX)
・Body leather case (CONTAX)
・Instruction manual
・Outer box (serial number match)

Operation content The operation has been confirmed.
AF/MF, self-timer, flash emission,
Winding and rewinding is working.
Lens extension, diaphragm blade movement,
You can operate each button and dial smoothly.
The accuracy of infinity and focusing is unknown for both AF and MF,
There is no problem in checking in the viewfinder.
We can confirm the shift of the shutter speed when the brightness is changed.

Use, minor scratches and scratches due to aging
You can see it. There is no liquid crystal crack.

Light Seals: No problem.

Product ID 20647983