CONTAX T3D Silver Early Model SN: 016962

The serial number of the body is 016962.
This is a single tooth model.
The aperture is 2.8-16.

The accessories are as follows.
・CONTAX soft case
・CONTAX strap
・Outer case


It has been confirmed to work.
The lens extension and shutter response are in good condition.
Exposure also works in response to light.
You can also open and close the shutter.
AF and self-timer will also work without problems.
There is no problem with the flash emission.
The data back is also operating normally.

Although you can see small scratches and threads due to use
It is in a relatively beautiful state.

When you put a strong light on it
Some cloudiness can be seen.
The displays in the viewfinder are solid.

Light Seals:
There is no problem.

If you confirm by holding a strong light, it will be in the lens
A small amount of dust and a slight cloudiness can be seen on the front lens.

A product number: 20601850
Commodity condition: C/Medium product