CONTAX T3D Silver Late Model Carl Zeiss Sonnar 35mm F2.8 T* SN: 020283

The serial number of the body is 020283.
This is a double teeth model. 
The aperture is 2.8-16.

The accessories are as follows.
・CONTAX strap
・CONTAX leather pouch (with some feeling of use)


It has been confirmed to work.
The lens extension and shutter response are in good condition.
Exposure also works in response to light.
I can open and close the shutter without any problems.
AF and self-timer will also work without problems.
There is no problem with the flash emission.
Data back is also working.

There is slight abrasion
It is in a beautiful state.

There is a little dust mixed in,
There is no problem with visibility
The display in the viewfinder are solid.

Light Seals:
It is in good condition.

Very little dust is mixed.
It is clear without mold and haze.

Commodity condition: B/ non-defective item