CONTAX TVS III Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 30-60mm F3.7-6.7 T* SN: 003063

Manufacturer: CONTAX
Product Name: TVS III Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 30-60mm F3.7-6.7 T *
Product status: C / average product
Serial: 003063

The viewfinder is visually clear.
When exposed to light, dust can be seen.
The lens is clear to the naked eye,
When you hit a strong light
There is a mixture of dust.

Aperture 3.7-16 / 5 sheets

・Dedicated strap
・Private case

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
Focus dial, flash, winding and rewinding,
The self-timer and zooming are working.
There is no liquid leakage or missing characters on the liquid crystal, and it is generally good.
Focusing can be confirmed for both AF / MF,
The accuracy is unknown because it is confirmed on the viewfinder. The reaction of each button is good.

There are some scratches and scratches due to use over time.

Light-shielding material Aged sagging can be seen.

Product ID 20676396