Fujifilm GF670 Professional SN: 12102746

Product: GF670 Professional / EBC FUJINON LENS 80mm F3.5


Product status B / Good


Serial Number: 12102746


Shutter speed / aperture Shutter speed: B, 4s-1 / 500s


Aperture value: F3.5-22 / Aperture blade: 7 pieces


- GF670 filter
- Filter case


The shutter and winding are working.The operation of the collapsible body, focus ring, aperture ring, and aperture blade is smooth.


There are some sign of wear due to use. There are no visible holes or tears in the bellows.


Optical viewfinder:
Tiny dusts can be seen. The match between the bright frame and the double image can be visually confirmed. No mold or haze are found.


Tiny dusts can be seen when exposed to light, which wouldn't affect the image quality. Over all great condition.
Light-shielding: Good


Product ID 20712708