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The serial number of the body is 0041333.
The shutter speed is B and AUTO.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Exclusive soft case



Operation confirmed.
The accuracy of the shutter is unknown, but it is operating.
Winding / rewinding, flash and self-timer are also working.
Various buttons and dials are also operating.
The liquid crystal display is also displayed without liquid leakage or missing characters.

Attrition and scratches due to aging and use are found.
The paint peels off due to rubbing on the back and discoloration is seen.
The printed part on the bottom is rubbing and disappearing.
A slight sticking mark remains.
You can see the abrasion on the battery cover.
Slight scratches and small scratches can be seen on the right side of the bottom.

Dust contamination can be seen visually.
If you shine a strong light, you can see fine dust contamination.
The visibility is good when the bright frame is displayed.

Light seal

There are no scratches on the surface
If you hold a strong light, there is a slight contamination of dust.

Product status: C / average product