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FUJIFILM TX-1 Body SN: 7090037


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Manufacturer: FUJIFILM
Product name: TX-1
Commodity condition: B/ non-defective item
Serial: 7090037
Shutter speed/Aperture: A,B,8s-1/1000s

・FUJIFILM body cap

・Eye piece for TX series

Operation content:
It is operation confirmed.
There is no problem in operation, shutter, continuous shooting,
self timer, Automatic winding works normally.
The inner LED is also shining firmly.
You can see the film counter firmly.

Has some usage around the viewfinder and side.
You can see small smudges and scratches on the body. The eyepiece cover is missing.

Optically, it is clear, but if you shine a strong light on it, you can see mixed dust.
There is no problem in visual recognition.

Light seals are generally good.
The number of comment shots is 0096.

Fuji Film Co., Ltd.
Launched through joint development with Hasselblad
Dual format using 35mm film
It is a rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses.

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