FUJIFILM TX-2 SN. 4010289


This is an improved version of TX-1 released in 2003
It becomes "TX-2."
TX-1 is Fuji Film Co., Ltd. in September 1998
Released through joint development with Hasselblad
Dual format using 35mm film
It is a range finder camera that can exchange lenses.
In addition to 24mm x 36mm, panoramic shooting is also possible.
It is not a pseudo panorama that cuts the top and bottom of the film,
By taking panoramic shots using about two frames of film,
High quality panoramic shooting with 35mm film is possible.

Specific improvements include the new shutter speed.
The point that can be checked in the finder,
The flash timing can be selected from normal sync and rear sync,
Combine various function settings into the "MODE" button on the back of the body,
The point is now that you can easily set exposure compensation, AFB, multiple exposure, etc.
The number of shots is 2080 shots.
The serial number is 4010289.
Accessories are as follows.
・ FUJIFILM dedicated strap
・ FUJIFILM body cap


Operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem in operation and the shutter,
self timer, Automatic winding works properly.
The inner LED is also shining well.

You can see scratches and wear by using.
You can see the counter and the liquid crystal display firmly.

Holding strong light and mixing of dust
You can see the beauty.
The double image looks solid.

You can see scratches and wear by using.
Shading material
It is in good condition.

Product management number: 20592601