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HASSELBLAD 503CW + A24 SN: 19EE24169


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Manufacturer: Hasselblad
Product name: 503CW + A24-6x6
Product status: C / average product
Serial body: 19EE24169
Film magazine (A24): 32SI10144 (middle frame 114)
Film magazine (A12): 30EV24171 (middle frame 598 / mismatch)
Shutter speed / aperture-

・ Body cap
・ Film magazine (A12 / operation OK / scratches and distortion on the dark slide)

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter and winding are working.

There are threads, scratches, and dirt on the entire surface.
The leather is slightly shrunk.
There is abrasion on the mount, but there is no problem with attaching and detaching.
There is a scratch in the center of the bottom of the mirror.

Optical viewfinder:
Dirt can be seen on the loupe.
When you shine a strong light on the focus glass, you can see a faint haze.

Light Seals: There are cracks in the pulpas material.

Product ID 20654312