HASSELBLAD 503CX + A12 Magazine+ PME5 Finder SN: 11ES13109


HASSELBLAD ★503CX + ★A12 + ★PME5
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number:

Body: 11ES13109
Magazine: 30EV25026
PME5: 41EV13511

Shutter speed/Aperture

・A12 film magazine (6×6)
・PME5 prism finder
・Body cap
・Instruction manual
・Light meter knob meter
・4×4 mask



The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter curtain operation, shutter button operation, etc. are smooth.

We have loaded a film and confirmed the operation.

・PME5 meter:
The numbers are moving and the LEDs are shining.
The exposure meter knob meter is also moving.


You can see the abrasions and scratches associated with use.
You can see small scratches on the mounting part of the tripod base.
Peeling is seen on the leather attached to the magazine.
There are no serious scratches or pits that affect normal use.

You can see a thin haze,
When a strong light is applied, coating deterioration can be seen in the eyepiece.
The screen is generally good, but some abrasions can be seen.

Light seal:

No problem.

Product ID 20642883