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HASSELBLAD Proshade 6093 SN.40738


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This is HASSELBLAD's bellows hood
It will be “Proshade 6093 set.
Corresponding from wide angle to telephoto by the motion of bellows.
The serial number is 40738.

Accessories are as follows.
・ CF & C / 250 mask
・ Φ60 adapter
・ Φ70 adapter
・ Φ93 adapter


Slide operation and adapter mounting are normal.
Abrasion and scratches are seen due to aging and use.
There are no pinholes, tears or cracks in the bellows.
Abrasion and scratches due to use over time are seen.
There are no serious scratches or distortions that affect normal use.

Product management number: 20601488

Product status: C / average