KONICA HEXANON 50mm F2.4 L39 2000 Limited SN. 0293


This is Konica's retractable lens
It becomes "HEXANON 50mm F2.4 0293".
It is a hexanon standard lens of a limited production model.
It is a compact style of the retractable type.
The lens configuration is 6 in 4 groups.
The Leica Elmer 50 mm F3.5
It's a clearly conscious, collapsed type, beautiful lens barrel lens.
It was released with limited 2000 bottles in 1997.
The aperture will be 2.4-16.
The number of aperture blades is 10.
Accessories are as follows.
・ KONICA front cap
・ KONICA rear cap
・ KONICA lens pouch
・ KONICA lens hood


Operation has been confirmed.
Focus ring, the movement of the blades is normal.

It is a relatively beautiful state.

It is a relatively beautiful state.

Holding strong light and mixing of dust
A slight haze is seen in the front ball.

Product management number: 20590826