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Konica HEXAR AF Black SN: 0012402 + HX-14 Auto Flash


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Konica HEXAR Black / HEXAR LENS 35mm F2.0
Commodity condition B/ non-defective item
Serial Number: 0012402
Aperture 2-22


HEXAR HX-14AUTO (2022607)
・HEXAR front lens cap


The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, self-timer, and winding/rewinding operations are normal.
You can check the shift of the shutter speed,
The accuracy is unknown.
The upper LCD display is also normal with no missing characters.
There is no problem with the dial operation.
The attached flash (HX-14AUTO) will charge and emit light without any problem.
There is a rattling sound when shaken.


You can see fine scratches and abrasionsdue to aging and use.



You can see a mixture of fine dust.
You can also see a faint haze.
Visibility is maintained.


Fine dust can be seen mixed in.
You can also see a little haze on the middle ball.
There is no mold.

Light seal:

No problem.

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