I want HEXER to "change the lens! “I want to use a high-speed shutter! ]
This was born in 1999 to meet the aspirations of users
It will be “Konica HEXAR RF”.
Robust copper-containing silmine-based aluminum die cast on the body
The body shell has excellent strength, lightness, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance
Titanium material is used.

The serial number will be 1448910.
The lens mount is the Konica KM mount.
Compatible with Leica M mount.
In addition to being able to determine exposure with high accuracy using TTL actual aperture center-weighted metering,
Equipped with aperture priority auto.
The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 4000s.

Accessories are as follows.
・ Konica body cap
・ Konica strap
·instruction manual


Confirmed operation.
Shutter, winding / rewinding, self-timer
There is no overall operation problem.
Dials, continuous shooting, exposure meter, etc. are also working.
The display on the LCD screen is also good.
There is very little thread and paint peeling due to aging.
Although it is almost clear visually,
When exposed to strong light, fine dust is mixed inside.
The bright frame can be confirmed and switched.
Although the double image is visible, there is a slight vertical shift.
Shading material:
No problem.
Although there is a slight abrasion due to aging and use,
No problem.

Product status: C / average