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LEICA CL SN.1327054


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Manufacturer: LEICA
Product name: CL
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial 1327054
Shutter speed/Aperture Shutter speed: B,1/2s-1/1000s

Accessories-Body cap
・Leather pouch
・Strap (leather belt)

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
Winding and rewinding is working.
The shutter speed shifting and the exposure meter are working, but the accuracy is unknown.

The metal part is painted silver, and the engraving is painted black.
Threads, dirt, and slight scratches are seen on the whole.
There is a slight dent on the pedestal of the shutter button, the frame of the viewfinder eyepiece, and the edge of the hot shoe, and it is slightly missing.
Scratches and paint peeling can be seen on the bottom dial.
There are some threads on the mount, but it does not interfere with the removal.

Optical viewfinder:
You can see the mixture of fine dust and fibrous dust.
Small scratches and point damage can be seen on the eyepiece.
The field of view is almost clear except for the viewfinder.
The bright frame was confirmed.
A double image can be confirmed, and although the accuracy is unknown, the coincidence of double images was also confirmed.

Shading material-
Product ID 20641242