Leica APO - SUMMICRON - M 90 mm F 2 M mount SN. 3890688

Leica's medium telephoto large aperture lens
It will be "APO - SUMMICRON - M 90 mm F 2".
It is the lens which adopted apochromatic lens and aspheric lens for the first time at the same time.
Also, a lens made from high refractive index glass
Two lenses made from anomalous partial dispersion glass are also adopted.
Exquisite depiction with highest image quality and resolving power is highest from aperture opening.
Since the open F value is as bright as F2, you can shoot at a faster shutter speed even in dimly lit scenes.
Ideal for photojournalism, theater photography, portrait.
The serial number is 3890688.
Mount becomes Leica M mount.
There is a notation of "10" in the m part of the distance display ring
Accurately it will be a lens of 91.0 mm.
(It will be an error when manufacturing the lens.)
The aperture is 2-16.
The number of diaphragm blades is 11.
Front and rear caps, lens case are attached.

It is operation confirmed.
The operation of the aperture and helicoid is good.
It becomes second hand condition with feeling of use.
There are fine threads.
It will be in a beautiful state.
Optical (lens):
There is chile contamination, but there is no mold or cloud.
There is fine wiping thread on the back ball.
There is a falling edge in the lens barrel.

Item No. 10182571