Leica's bright medium telephoto lens "APO-SUMMICRON-M 90mm F2" is in stock.
It is a lens that uses an apochromatic lens and an aspherical lens at the same time.
In addition, two lenses made of high refractive index glass and anomalous partial dispersion glass are also incorporated,
A lens that demonstrates high image quality and resolution from full aperture.
With an angle of view of 90 mm and the brightness of the open F2, you can enjoy exquisite depiction in a wide range of scenes.

Serial number: 3866377
Production year: around 1998
Aperture: 2-16
Number of feathers: 11
Helicoid number: 09
・ LEICA front cap (14289)
・ LEICA UVa filter (13373)
・ LEICA rear cap (14269)
・ LEICA lens pouch


Operation has been confirmed.
Helicoid is in good condition.
The operation of the aperture ring is smooth with a click feeling, and the blades also move neatly.
It is possible to link with a distance meter when checking the camera attached to an M-mount camera.
The accuracy at infinity is unknown because we have not confirmed it with live action.

There is slight abrasion,
There are no noticeable cracks or scratches on the appearance,
It is a beautiful state with little usability.

Although there is abrasion associated with use, it is in a state without problems.

Optics (lens):
There are two places where dust is noticeable closer to the front, but the rest is generally beautiful.
If you hold a strong light, you can see the contamination of dust over time.

Product status: B / good