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LEICA ELMARIT-M 90mm F2.8 E46 11807 SN.3769735


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Medium telephoto lens that is compact and well received
"ELMARIT-M 90mm F2.8 E46 11807 SN.3769735" is in stock.

It is a lightweight and compact lens barrel that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it a highly mobile lens.
It may be good to keep one bag in your bag.

A bright medium telephoto lens with beautiful blur and high resolution
Should be a big success in various situations.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

Mount will be Leica M mount.

The aperture is 2.8-22, and the number of aperture blades is 9.

The accessories are as follows.
LEICA front cap (14231)
・ LEICA rear cap (14269)
・ LEICA soft case
・ LEICA original box
・ LEICA Instruction Manual
・ Kenko MC UV filter


The operation has been confirmed.
There is no problem with the operation of the helicoid, diaphragm blades, etc.
Distance meter interlocking is also possible.
Although you can see threads and small scratches with use,
It is in a beautiful state overall.
There is no problem.
Optics (lens):
It is in a beautiful state visually. If you hold a strong light, the dust will be mixed and the cloud will be very thin.
Slight dirt is seen.

Product number: 20599318
Product status: C / average