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LEICA Leicavit (SYOOM)


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Instant shooting device that can be used with IIIf, IIIg, etc.
It is the arrival of "Leicavit (SYOOM)".
It becomes a magic item that enables continuous shooting with slow-motion Barnac Leica.
By replacing the bottom lid with this Leicavit, high-speed winding using a trigger becomes possible.
Please purchase at this opportunity.

Although a box is attached,
The box is reinforced with vinyl tape and is seen to deteriorate.


After mounting on IIIf and checking the operation
It seemed that the winding was done without problems.
It is unknown because the development of the film has not been confirmed between film frames.
Scratches due to aging, threading, peeling of paint etc. are seen.

Product number: 20601716

ProductÂcondition: C / Normal