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LEICA Summicron 50mmm F2 LTM SN: 1316850 + Lens Hood Soomf


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Leica single focus lens
It becomes "Summicron 5cm F2".
It is an easy-to-use lens of Zumron which is a famous ball of Leica.
Zumtar's follow-on lens, replaced with Varnak type Leica in 1953
The M-type Leica has been released, but it pulls down Elmer, which is Leica's standard lens,
Speaking of Leica, it's a lens called "micron".
Please experience the best shot with your hands.
The serial number is 1316850.
The brightness of the lens is F2-16 and the aperture blade is 10 sheets.
Accessories are as follows.
・ LEICA front lens cap
・ LEICA Filter
・ LEICA Soomf


Operation has been confirmed.
The movement of the aperture ring and the aperture blade is generally fine.
Helicoid is also working.
Slight scratches and abrasion due to use can be seen,
It is a relatively beautiful state considering the age.
You can see the fine thread by use.
Optics (lens):
When dust is mixed with sunlight and a strong light is given, a haze is found throughout the interior,
Scratches can be seen on the front and back balls.

Product number: 20601715

Product condition: C / Normal