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LEICA M3 SS SN: 991618


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A great machine that can never be removed when talking about Leica,
It becomes "M3 SN.991618 single stroke latter term".

Leica has always been captivated by photographers and camera enthusiasts.
Among them, the one that receives the highest evaluation is "LEICA M3" which is also called "the first and best M type Leica".

This individual seems to be made in 1960 from the serial number,
It is a late model of a single stroke.

The biggest feature of M3 is the viewfinder.
Just look into the high-quality viewfinder, which has taken the cost down and stuck to the quality
It makes me feel like I can take the best photos.

Please take this opportunity to buy the ultimate camera "LEICA M3" that changes the world from the moment you pick it up.

Serial number: 991618
Shutter speed: B, 1s-1 / 1000s
Shutter speed value: multiple series
Viewfinder magnification: 0.91x
Bright frame: 50, 90, 135
・ LEICA spool


Although the shutter is released at full speed, the accuracy is unknown,
It is generally in good condition by visual confirmation.
The winding and rewinding and self-timer are operating.
You can also switch the bright frame of the viewfinder.

There is a feeling of use and there are abrasions, but it is not so noticeable,
Gooda Perka is not torn.
Not generally.

There is no problem with visibility.
Bright frame is also in good condition.
It is in a state where double image matching can be performed smoothly.

There are aging scratches, but there is no problem in attaching and detaching the lens.

Commodity condition: B / good