Serial number: 862450
Shutter speed: B, 1s-1 / 1000s
Shutter speed value: Multiple series
Viewfinder magnification: 0.91 times
Bright frame: 50,90,135


The operation has been confirmed.
The accuracy of the shutter shifting is unknown.
In visual confirmation, there is almost no problem.
For winding and rewinding, the self-timer is operating.
You can also switch the viewfinder's bright frame.

Aged abrasion and small scratches are seen.
There is a slight dent above the top serial number stamp on the military executives.
There are many scratches on the bottom and eyelets.

It is a clear and beautiful state visually.
The bright frame is also in good condition.
It is in a state where double image matching can be performed smoothly.
If you hold a strong light, little dust and haze will be seen.

Although there is abrasion of aging, there is no problem in attaching and detaching the lens.

Product status: C / average