Manufacturer LEICA
Product name M4 CHROME SN.1192310 Made in 1967
Commodity condition C / average goods
Serial body: 1192310
Shutter speed / aperture value B, 1s ~ 1 / 1000s

・ L → M mount conversion adapter 50 ・ 75mm
・ Leica strap
・ Leica body cap

Operation details:
The operation has been confirmed.
Operates at full shutter speed, but for visual confirmation
Accuracy is unknown.
No problem with self-timer and rewinding.

Attrition scratches due to aging and use can be seen.
There is a slight lift in the leather near the bottom of the mount.

Optical viewfinder:
You can see the fine dust and the slight wiping scratches.
No mold.
Switching frames is smooth.

Light Seal-
Product ID 20634415