M-type Leica has always captured many photographers and enthusiasts
The most popular among them is “LEICA M6 0.72 sn.2419783.
The year of manufacture is 1997 from the serial number.
M6 manufactured for 16 years from 1984 to 1999
It is the best-selling Leica in Leica history and the easiest to use Leica.
Compared to other M-type Leica, the best feature is the viewfinder.

The individual arriving this time has a finder magnification of 0.72,
Bright frame is the most with six kinds of 35/135, 28/90, 50/75,
Various lenses can be used.

The built-in exposure meter is located at the bottom of the viewfinder.
It is displayed and intuitively readable.
Please take this opportunity to purchase the most convenient M-type Leica.
By the way, it is bean knowledge. M for M stands for messsucher (distance finder).

The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 1000s.
The accessories are as follows.
・ Leica strap


The operation has been confirmed.
The accuracy is unknown, but the shutter operates at full speed,
Winding and rewinding, switching of bright frame, etc. are in operation.
The exposure meter is also working, although its accuracy is unknown.
It is displayed in the viewfinder.
Slight threads due to use are visible.
There is no deterioration of the attached leather, and it looks relatively clean.
There is a thread mark on the bottom when using a tripod.
There are no scratches, etc.
The double image is clearly visible.
When I hold a strong light from the front side, it looks like a brown balsam piece on the left side
You can check things. It is in a state where there is a slight spider.
A slight abrasion can be seen with use.

Product status: C / average