Among the M-type Leica that has always captured many photographers and enthusiasts
It becomes the popular “M6”.
Bright frame is the most with six kinds of 35/135, 28/90, 50/75,
Various lenses can be used.
The built-in exposure meter is located at the bottom of the viewfinder.
It is displayed and intuitively readable.
This is titanium, not total titanium.
The camera has a brass body with titanium coating only on the surface (Titan Finish).
Actually, this is the point,
It seems that the feel and shutter sound you have are clearly different from the M6.
Especially the shutter sound is clearly low,
The sound is small.
So I feel that this model feels like pressing the shutter.
The leather is ostrich-like
It is a product full of design luxury.
M6 here is also a mark that is a proof of Siberberg Hegner regular imports.
The shutter speed is B, 1s-1 / 1000s.
The serial number will be 1929381.
Accessories are as follows.
・ Leica body cap (14195)


The operation has been confirmed.
Speed ​​change, shutter opening / closing, winding / rewinding, etc.
No problem.
The light meter also operates in response to light.
You can see blue rust on the synchro and dirt and threads on the hanging bracket.
Overall, there is little usability.
There is a slight contamination of dust.
The exposed LED is well lit and the visibility is good.
The bright frame is also in good condition.
A double image is also clearly visible.
There is a thread with use.

Product status: B / good