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LEICA M7 0.72 ENGRAVED BLACK SN.2945100 2003 Model


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Manufacturer: LEICA
Product name: M7 0.72 BLACK SN.2945100 Made in 2003
Commodity condition: B/ non-defective item
Serial: 2945100
Shutter speed/Aperture AUTO,B,4s-1/1000s

・Original box
・Cosmetic case
・Body cap
・User's manual

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
The accuracy of shifting the shutter works by visual confirmation.
Hoisting and rewinding is working properly.
The exposure meter is also in operation and displayed.

There isn't noticeable abrasion or scratches and it is in a very beautiful condition.
The skin of the battery cover has deteriorated slightly and is slightly peeling.
It is in a clear state by optical observation.
The bright frame is also in good condition.
Some dust can be seen when holding it over a strong light.
Double images are also matched.

Light Seals:
No problem.

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