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Leica mini zoom VARIO-ELMAR 35-70mm SN: 2053451


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Manufacturer: Leica
Product name: mini zoom VARIO-ELMAR 35-70mm
Commodity condition: C / average item
Serial: 2053451
Finder: There is a thin cloudiness.
Lens: There is a small amount of dust, and there is a thin cloudiness.
Aperture: 35-70mm/F4~F6.7

・Soft case

Operation contents:
AF/MF, self-timer, flash, hoisting and rewinding are operating.
You can smoothly move out the lens, move the diaphragm blades, and operate the buttons and dials.
We can confirm the shift of the shutter speed when the brightness is changed.
The light meter is responding, but its accuracy is unknown.

The overall appearance has a feeling of use, and there are scratches on the entire body due to use.

Light Seals:
There is no problem.

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