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Leica Minilux SN: 2136267


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Leica Minilux / LEICA SUMMARIT 40mm F2.4
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number: 2136267
Aperture 2.4-16 / 7 sheets


-Original box (SN match)


AF/MF, flash, self-timer, hoist and rewind are working.
You can smoothly move out the lens, move the diaphragm blades, and operate the buttons and dials.
We can confirm the shift of the shutter speed when the brightness is changed.
The light next to the viewfinder is on.


There are abrasions and paint peeling, and there are rust on screws and dials.
There are no liquid leaks or missing characters on the liquid crystal.


There are little abrasions on the surface.
It is almost clear when you look into it.


Lens There is a slight abrasions and dust, and it is slightly haze.
No mold is found.

Light seal:

No problem.

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