LEICA SUMMARON 35mm F2.8 Goggles SN:1629926


LEICA SUMMARON 35mm F2.8 with glasses Nr.1629926 1958 M mount
Product status D
Serial Number: 1629926
Aperture 2.8-22 / 10 sheets
Mount Leica M

・ Leica front lens cap


Operation has been confirmed.
The operation of the focus ring, aperture ring, and aperture blades is smooth.
When attached to the body, it was possible to link with the rangefinder.


There are abrasions, small scratches, and dirt on the whole.
There is slight spotted corrosion on the metal parts.


There is dust on the whole.
Spotted damage on the front elements, mold on the edges, and haze can be seen when exposed to strong light.

Product ID 20651458