LEICA SUMMICRON-M 35mm F2 ASPH. ChromeE39 5th GEN SN: 3810277

Highly popular as a standard Leica lens
"SUMMICRON-M 35mm F2 ASPH. 5th generation".

The depiction of performance is generally high,
High contrast even at full aperture
It is an all-round type lens that clearly picks up details.
Sharp, a compact size, and a highly utilized lens.

The lens configuration is 7 elements in 5 groups.

Serial number: 3810277
Aperture: 2-16
Aperture blades: 8
Mount: Leica L mount

・Front lens cap x2
・Rear lens cap
・Lens filter
  · Lens hood
・Leather case
・Original box


The operation has been confirmed.
The helicoid and diaphragm operations are normal.

Over time, there is slight abrasion due to use,
Considering the age, it can be said that it is a relatively beautiful individual.
There are no serious scratches or pits that affect normal use.

Over time, you can see slight abrasion due to use.
There are no serious scratches or distortions that would affect normal use.

A slight dust mixture can be seen when holding it over strong light,
It remains relatively clear.

Product condition: B/good product