LEICA SUMMICRON-M 50mm F2 4th SN: 365525

★ Leica Leica ★
With the name “SUMMICRON”, which boasts a high level of descriptive power that has been handed down since its appearance in 1953
It becomes the fourth generation model, "SUMMICRON-M 50mm F2 E39 SN.3655525".
You can enjoy the high resolution and unique air feeling and texture that you can't taste anywhere else.
This one that you can fully enjoy the satisfaction of Leica lenses
Please purchase at this opportunity.

The aperture is 2-16 and the number of blades is 8.
・ Original box
LEICA front lens cap (14038)
LEICA rear lens cap (14269)
·instruction manual
・ Soft case


The operation has been confirmed.
The helicoid is smooth and in good condition.
The movement of the aperture ring is smooth with a click and the blades move cleanly.
The distance meter can be linked with the M-mount camera.
The accuracy at infinity is unknown because there is no confirmation of live action.
There are a few threads such as aging,
There are almost no noticeable scratches or scratches on the exterior,
It is a beautiful state with little usability.
There is no problem in wearing.
Optics (lens):
There is little contamination with dust.
If you hold a strong light, you will see a thin spider.
The occurrence of mold seems to be no problem.
Overall, it seems that there is almost no effect on shooting

Product status: B / good