Leica SUMMILUX-M 75 mm F1.4 2nd Canada SN: 3259166

The serial number is 3259166 and it becomes LENS MADE IN CANADA.
Mount becomes Leica M mount.
The aperture is 1.4 to 16, the number of aperture blades is 10.
The accessories are as follows.
· LEICA front cap (14290 E60)
· LEICA rear cap (14269)
· LEICA outer box (without sponge)
· It will be a built-in hood.


It becomes operation confirmed.
Focus ring, diaphragm etc
There is no problem in operation.
Although there are peeling etc. of paint,
It becomes a used state with less feeling of use.
It is in general good condition.
Optical (lens):
You can see the mixing of dust slightly.
There is no problem in shooting.