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Mamiya 7II Black SN: BH1084


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Mamiya 7II Black
Commodity condition B/ non-defective item
Serial Number: BH1084
Shutter speed/Aperture A,AEL,B,4s-1/500s

・Body cap


The operation has been confirmed.
It is a state that can be performed without problems in each operation.
Shading mask, self-timer,
Shifting shutter speed and automatic exposure
Although the accuracy is unknown, there was almost no problem.
There is no problem with hoisting.
Split images are also matched.


It is beautiful and clean.
Only little abrasions can be seen.

There is a slight mixture of dust,
It is almost clear and there is no problem.
You can see thin scratches and scratches when holding a strong light.
The LED also shines firmly.

Light seal:

No problem.

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