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Mamiya G 75mm F3.5L SN: 304758


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Manufacturer Mamiya
Product name G 75mm F3.5L
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number: 304758
Aperture 2.8-22/6
Mount Mount for Mamiya 6


Front lens cap (Mamiya)
・Lens filter (Kenko MC PROTECTOR 58mm)
・Lens hood (Mamiy G 3.5/75L)


Operation confirmed.
Aperture and helicoid work well.
There is no problem opening and closing the lens shutter.
However, some blades remain when opening.
The accuracy of shifting the shutter is unknown,
There is almost no problem with visual confirmation.


Use, fine abrasions due to aging

Although it is clear by optical observation,
When exposed to strong light, fine dust and dust,
haze can be seen. There is no mold.

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