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Mamiya N 65mm F4 L Mamiya 7・7II SN: OI1324


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Manufacturer: Mamiya
Product name: N 65mm F4 L
Commodity condition: B/ non-defective item
Serial: OI1324
Aperture: 4-22 / 5 sheets
Mount for Mamiya7・7II

・Mamiya front lens cap
・Mamiya rear lens cap
・Lens hood for Mamiya (some parts are missing)

Operation content:
The operation has been confirmed.
The focus ring, diaphragm ring, and diaphragm blades operate smoothly.
When attached to the body, it was possible to work with a rangefinder.

There are some slight scratches due to usage and aging, but it is in a relatively beautiful condition.

Optically clear, but when exposed to strong light, a slight amount of dust can be seen mixed in.
There is no mold.

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