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Mamiya NEW Mamiya 6 SN: 311210


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Manufacturer: Mamiya
Product name: NEW Mamiya 6
Product status: D / Slightly difficult
Serial: 311210
Shutter speed / aperture Shutter speed: A, B, 4s-1 / 500s

・ Instruction manual (dirty)

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
Was able to confirm the operation of the shutter, self-timer, and winding.
Shutter speed shifts and light meters are working.

There are marks, scratches, and dirt on the entire surface.
Abrasion-like a wiping mark is seen in the part of the character of "Mamiya 6", and the notation has almost disappeared.
There are many marks and scratches on the bottom.
There is abrasion on the mount, but there is no problem with attaching and detaching.

Optical viewfinder:
There is a small amount of dust mixed in.
I was able to confirm the bright frame.
The match of the double image was also confirmed.

Light Seals: Aged 

Product ID 20655075