This product is made by Seiko that is mounted on the top of the camera
Nikon's characteristic analog meter
High-end compact film camera “Nikon 28Ti”.

The wide-angle NIKKOR 28mm F2.8
The NIKKOR lens features an unusual configuration (7 elements in 5 groups).
The serial number of the body is 5009516.
The shutter speed is set to auto.
The aperture is 2.8-22.

Accessories are as follows.

・ Exclusive leather camera pouch
・ HIRAI leather case
(Please refer to the image for details)


Confirmed operation.
Shutter, self-timer, winding / rewinding,
The operation of various buttons, dials, and various meters is normal.
I feel some catch when the lens is extended
There is no problem in operation.
Although there are fine threads due to aging and use,
It is a relatively beautiful state.
Although there is a slight liquid crystal burn on the film counter LCD
There is no problem with the display.
Although it looks clear visually,
If you hold it over a strong light, you will see a slight amount of dust and a slight cloudiness.
Bright frame or
The shutter display is displayed normally.
Shading material:
No problem.
If you hold it over a strong light, you will see a slight amount of dust.
It is relatively clear when considering the age.
It is clear without mold and cloudiness.

Product status: B / good