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Nikon 35Ti NIKKOR 35mm F2.8 SN: 5009700


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Manufacturer Nikon
Product name 35Ti / NIKKOR 35mm F2.8
Product status C / average product
Serial: 5009700

Fine dust and slight haze can be seen.
There are no missing frames or various displays in the viewfinder.
Frame switching is also normal in panorama mode.

When exposed to strong light, fine dust, dust spots, and faint haze can be seen.

Aperture 2.8-22 / 7 blades

Accessories: Strap

Operation details:
Operation has been confirmed.
The self-timer, flash, time shooting, illuminator lighting, and winding and rewinding are working.
You can smoothly extend the lens, operate the aperture blades, and operate the buttons and dials.
We have confirmed that the shutter speed changes when the exposure and aperture are changed.
The analog display rangefinder, film counter, long exposure count, aperture value, and exposure compensation are working.

There are some marks due to use, but it is in a beautiful state overall.

Shading material There is no problem.

Product ID 20677190