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Nikon 35Ti SN: US4004531


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Nikon 35Ti / NIKKOR 35mm F2.8
Commodity condition C / average item
Serial Number: US4004531
Aperture 2.8-22 / 7 sheets




The self-timer, flash, and hoisting and rewinding are operating.
There is a squeal when the lens is operating (when the lens is extended or when the shutter is released).
The operation of the diaphragm blades and the operation of buttons and dials can be done smoothly.
The accuracy of infinity and focusing is unknown for both AF and MF,
There is no problem in checking in the viewfinder.
We can confirm the shift of the shutter speed when the brightness is changed.
The light meter is responding, but its accuracy is unknown.


There are scratches and abrasions.
There is a scratch on a part of the lens.
The rubber around the viewfinder has come off.
The liquid crystal does not leak.


Dust are mixed in the whole.
It is almost clear when you look into it.
The liquid crystal inside is good and the bright frame can be confirmed.

There is a small amount of dust mixed in, and when you shine a strong light you will feel a faint haze.
No mold is found.

Light seal:

No problem.

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