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Nikon Ai-S NIKKOR 45mm F2.8P SN: 302435


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Serial number: 302435
Aperture: 2.8-22
Number of feathers: 7
Mount: Nikon F

・ Nikon front metal lens cap (scratched)
・ Nikon metal food
・ Nikon rear lens cap (black type)
・ Nikon NC 52mm


The operation has been confirmed.
The helicoid rotates all over,
The thread sound felt a little large.
There is no problem in aperture operation.
The accuracy of infinity and focus is unknown,
There is no problem with checking on the viewfinder.
The body is in a state where there is little usability and there are few scratches and dirt.
No problem.
There is little contamination of dust as a whole.
There is no problem with mold and haze.

Product status: B / good