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Nikon F3 HP Limited SN: 9515535


This product is sold out

This is a single-lens reflex camera of Nikon (Nikon)
It becomes "F3 Limited 9515535".
Nikon F3 will be sold for about 20 years until it is discontinued in 2000.
It is a Nikon SLR camera that has been active.
Here are the specifications of the Nikon F3 professional model (F3P)
(E.g. hot shoe equipment, omission of back pig lock)
It is a limited model that has been followed.
The only difference from F3P is that it has the "Limited" stamp.
HP Finder can be worn with glasses
You can see the entire field of view of the viewfinder.
Shutter speed is A, X, T, B-1/2000.
The mount will be a Nikon F mount.
The attached screen becomes B type.

・ Nikon body cap
・ Strap using Nikon F3 Limited
・ Nikon Instruction Manual
・ Nikon original box (serial match) black waste comes out.


Operation has been confirmed.
The shutter and rewind are operating.
The shutter speed shift and exposure meter operation have been confirmed, but the accuracy is unknown.

It is in a beautiful state with little usability like a new same product.
However, there is a small paint peeling on the front.

There is no corrosion on the prism.
The liquid crystal inside is good.

Light Seal:
Generally good.

Generally good.

Commodity condition: A / beautiful goods